Corrective Chiropractic Care with The Pettibon System

Written By Hamilton Chiropractic Offices on April 11, 2019

low back painThe Pettibon system is a well-researched, scientific approach to chiropractic care and spinal rehabilitation that has been in use for over 45 years.

The Pettibon System restores the spinal structure to a more normal function by providing comprehensive rehabilitation for the White Tissues (ligaments and discs) and Red Tissues (muscles) of the spine along the neural tissues, that give feedback to the brain about the body’s position in space.

Using specially designed equipment and exercises this system focuses on a more lasting spinal correction than conventional chiropractic methods. (It has been proven that you can force the vertebrae into alignment in cadavers and they will stay there, but not in living human beings, because adjustments alone do not change gravity, which is the spine’s constant environment.)

Dr. Mik Hamilton is a certified Pettibon biomechanical engineer. Having taught the Pettibon System across the United States as a certified instructor for over 15 years, he has a superior grasp of the proprietary techniques that make this system so effective.

Phases of Care Using the Pettibon System

Like any effective approach to health care, the Pettibon System relies upon specific phases that move patients toward wellness in a proven, time-tested manner.

A simple three-step course of action offers a high level of success over time.

1. Assessment

Assessment begins with a complete biomechanical analysis of the spine using standard engineering measurements on x-rays to determine the spine’s position in its gravitational environment.

A thorough physical exam is conducted, including a postural analysis that is compared to the measurements made on the x-rays and to make certain that there are no underlying medical issues that would make it unsafe to proceed.  Once the exam is complete, and the doctor thinks he can help, a treatment plan is recommended.

2. Treatment of Condition

Using the spinal analysis made during your assessment, Dr. Hamilton will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

This plan includes precise chiropractic adjustments and instructions for a home care exercise program to rehabilitate the soft tissues (White, Red and Neural) holding the spine in an abnormal position.

3. Ongoing Home Care Program

Since the home care program is developed for each individuals’ needs, there is no “one size fits all” plan. The home-care program is always implemented gradually to your tolerance and therefore an exact schedule of implementation of the various components cannot be precisely predetermined. We work together as a team to determine your tolerance.

Are You a Good Candidate for The Pettibon System?

No matter what your health condition is, if it is being caused by your spine interfering with your nerve system and If you are committed to getting well, you are a candidate for the Pettibon System.

Dr. Hamilton will assess the structure of your spine, tailor a treatment and home care plan suited to your unique situation and provide ongoing analysis and assistance as you move toward wellness using the Pettibon System.

If you live in Berkeley and you’re looking to return your body to its natural, healthy state using this proven system, call Hamilton Chiropractic Offices at (510) 526-3362 to set up an appointment for a no-charge consultation today.

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