Joint Pain Treatment with Laser Therapy in Berkeley

Written By Hamilton Chiropractic Offices on December 19, 2018

Suffering from chronic joint pain? Is it taking its toll on your day-to-day life, preventing you from doing the activities you want to do and making you feel older that you actually are? 

You’re not alone. 

Too many people live with chronic pain, being unable to relax and enjoy their lives. 

But with the Class IV laser therapy we offer at our chiropractic clinic in Berkeley, this can change. 

K-laser treatment is proven to target your pain right at the source. It increases your blood flow to help boost the natural healing powers of your body, initiating a cascade of chemical events at the cellular level that result in restoring normal cell function. 

How Does Our Joint Pain Treatment Work? 

In 2002, Class IV laser therapy was approved by the FDA and quickly became a popular treatment that many chiropractic clinics offered. 

It is applied directly to your skin, over the painful area, emitting a warm laser that penetrates ten to twelve centimeters (3-4 inches) into your body. The laser beam carries two wavelengths of infra-red light. The chromophores that line the cell membranes absorb this infra-red light, stabilizing the cell membrane and increasing its permeability, allowing the elements of metabolism to go in and out of the cell as they should. The mitochondria, inside each cell are also lined with chromophores which gather the light and increase ATP production, which is the energy currency of your entire body, much like trees gather sunlight and convert it to energy through photosynthesis. This light works on any injured tissues by stimulating the activity of your cells and accentuating the natural healing processes of your body, WITHOUT side effects.

Laser treatment helps boost circulation, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, lower swelling, and decrease your healing time. And this is why the treatment is revered at overcoming a wide variety of conditions that cause discomfort and pain, from sprains and strains to post-surgical healing. It’s also a go-to arthritis pain treatment. 

Why Choose Laser Therapy?

When you visit our clinic for laser therapy with the K-Laser, you’ll feel confident and assured in this treatment. It has the potential to eliminate your need for surgery and may mean you no longer have to take a cocktail of medications. This, in turn, reduces healthcare costs, healing times, and side effects. 

Even though the treatment only lasts from 5 to 10 minutes, the effects continue to actively work for up to 20 hours afterward because the application initiates a cascade of chemical events much like when baking bread where you add the yeast and set it aside to rise. Additionally, the treatment seems to have a long-lasting effect.

With over 40 years’ experience, Dr. Mik Hamilton can recommend complementary therapies that may further aid your recovery and keep injuries at bay in the future, too. 

A Proven, Safe, and Effective Approach 

Laser therapy is a fantastic way to relieve chronic joint pain, inflammation, and general discomfort by utilizing your body’s own innate natural healing powers. This provides you with a pain-free, fast, and effective solution to something that’s been plaguing you for too long. 

To find out more about this joint pain treatment or to book your appointment at our clinic, call us today at 510-526-3362

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