About Hamilton Chiropractic Offices

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices was founded in 1975 by chiropractor in Berkeley, Dr. Mik Hamilton. The practice was originally known as Berkeley Chiropractic Center. For the first five years we were located on Solano Avenue in North Berkeley after which we moved to our present larger facility on Gilman Street, also in North Berkeley.

Berkeley CA Chiropractor offers state-of-the-art care

Since 1975 we have served as a state-of-the-art Chiropractic health care center, serving the needs of over ten thousand East Bay residents with the latest innovations in Chiropractic care. We have provided health care services to patients with a variety of needs from the terminally ill to the robust and healthy. Ailing people of all ages come to our clinic to recover from sprains and strains and functional disorders of all types. We have treated the newborn to the aged, the robust to the totally functionally impaired, safely and effectively. Healthy people come to our clinic to maintain their good health with a plan to stay well by making sure that their nerve system is free of interference, through regular chiropractic maintenance programs.

Research and Training Center for Chiropractic Pettibon System

We have also functioned as a research and training center for a specialty in Chiropractic known as The Pettibon System. This method is a chiropractic system that utilizes the science of Dynamics, in this case referring to a special area of Bio-Mechanics that applies to living, moving organisms and how they function in their environment. (The term dynamics customarily refers to the time evolution of physical processes.) We apply engineering standards to analyze the spine’s position and function in its environment, gravity. Then, with a knowledge of the body’s righting mechanisms and the function of masses and motion, force and resistance, determine how best to return the spine to a state equilibrium, so that it functions in its “minimal energy state”. That is a state in which the body adapts to its environment utilizing the least amount of energy. Everything in the universe strives towards this state. To accomplish this, gentle manual adjustments of the spine are utilized, along with a home care exercise program designed to rehabilitate the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) that are holding the spine in its abnormal position.

As a Berkeley Chiropractor, over the years, Dr. Mik Hamitlon has trained hundreds of other chiropractors in a post-graduate setting in his capacity as a certified instructor for the Pettibon Bio-Mechanics Institute.

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Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals. Give our Berkeley chiropractic office a call or send us an email and we can arrange a time to explore your options!