Rapid Release Technology

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices offers Rapid Release Technology to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the newest additions to Dr. Hamilton’s arsenal of healing and pain management tools, Rapid Release Technology is designed to treat a wide range of soft tissue problems, particularly those that affect the nerves, tendons, and muscles.

Rapid Release Technology San Francisco CA

As one of the most effective supplements to chiropractic care, Rapid Release Technology is designed to break apart adhesions, scar tissue, and tightness in the musculature surrounding the spine, as well as various other parts of the body.

Ideal for sports performance, pain management, and rehabilitation, Rapid Release provides a safe and effective means to relieve chronic fibrous tissue that are restricting mobility and range of motion.

Using comfortable yet powerful vibrations at a high frequency of small strokes, Rapid Release Technology is applied to patients’ problem areas to help restore normal functioning of muscles and tendons. After treatment is administered, patients often experience a greater sense mobility, freedom, and pain relief. In many cases, Rapid Release Technology provides immediate results.

Is Rapid Release Technology Right for You?

Rapid Release San Francisco Bay Area
There are virtually no risks to trying Rapid Release Technology. The treatments are safe, quick, and painless, effectively targeting the underlying cause of many soft tissue problems. Capable of providing a number of benefits, Rapid Release Technology:

  • increases blood flow and circulation, minimizing hypoxia and releasing tension
  • is the only device that directly targets scar tissue via resonance frequency
  • elicits a Tonic Vibration Reflex, immediately releasing muscle spasms
  • separates the fascia, allowing greater mobility and ease of movement

With potent treatments lasting just minutes, Rapid Release is a versatile device that has been proven to deliver outstanding results. It can also be a powerful facilitator at increasing the overall efficacy of your chiropractic program by keeping the surrounding musculature of the spine supple.

Rapid Release Technology has been shown to be highly effective for many different individuals ranging from elite athletes looking to maximize performance to older adults looking for a reliable pain management solution. To learn more about Rapid Release, you can visit the official website by clicking here.

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