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Chiropractic is that Science and Art that utilizes the inherent recuperative powers of the body, and deals with the relationship between the nerve system and the spinal column, and the role of that relationship in the restoration and maintenance of health

The practice of Chiropractic deals with the analysis and correction of interference with normal nerve transmission. Chiropractic corrects these interferences (called Subluxations) by specific, precision adjustments of the spine; it restores and promotes optimum health without the use of drugs and surgery.

For over 40 years, Hamilton Chiropractic Offices in Berkeley, CA has set the standard for outstanding chiropractic care. We’ve provided state-of-the-art chiropractic care to over 10,000 patients – and we’ve trained other Berkeley chiropractors (and hundreds of other chiropractors) in the Pettibon System, a chiropractic system utilizing the science of bio-mechanics.

Dr. Mik Hamilton Improves Spinal Bio-Mechanics

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices, located in Berkeley, is the only health care facility in the entire San Francisco Bay Area to offer ALL of the following services to improve spinal bio-mechanics, improve posture and reduce nerve system interference:

Experience Matters

As Dr. Mik Hamilton explains, “Based on our decades of experience, we are able to determine which, of a number of approaches, is best-suited to each individual patient. Helping each patient achieve their specific health goals is always our primary objective.”

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