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As a reputable Berkeley chiropractor with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic provides innovative treatments and personalized chiropractic programs to help patients overcome pain and optimize mobility.

Berkeley Chiropractor

Dr. Mik Hamilton is one of the most experienced and innovative chiropractors in Berkeley, CA.

Since 1975, the Berkeley chiropractic office of Hamilton Chiropractic has evolved its practice by integrating the most effective and holistic treatments and technologies in the field. In addition to serving over ten thousand patients of California’s East Bay area, Dr. Mik Hamilton has also trained hundreds of other chiropractors.

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Setting the Standard Among Berkeley Chiropractors

In addition to adopting the most advanced systems into his chiropractic practices in Berkeley, CA, Dr. Mik Hamilton provides patients with some of the latest and most innovative technologies.

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Hamilton Chiropractic in Berkeley is one of few places that offers K-Laser therapy in the Bay Area.

Of the most powerful is the ReHab Spinal System for spinal decompression and unlocking joints at the back of the vertebrae. This safe and highly effective system for spinal decompression has been revolutionary for chiropractic care as it profoundly helps rehabilitate and rejuvenate discs of the spine.

Another advanced technology used by very few chiropractors in Berkeley is the K-Laser. This cutting edge therapy uses a Class IV K-Laser which safely emits high power heat laser in a way that’s designed to reduce and relieve pain. The laser therapy is also known to help with tissue regeneration and healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When receiving the K-laser therapy, the sensation is completely painless and there are absolutely no side effects.

A Leading & Innovative Chiropractor in Berkeley, CA

Hamilton Chiropractic in Berkeley has also served as a research and training center for The Pettibon System, a specialty form of chiropractic care. This unique and powerful chiropractic system is based on the science of bio-mechanics (movement) while analyzing the spine’s position and function with respect to both gravity and movement patterns. The core focus of The Pettibon System is to efficiently return the spine to a state of equilibrium, so that it functions in its minimal energy state.

Over the years as a leading Berkeley chiropractor, Dr. Mik Hamilton has trained hundreds of other chiropractors in a post-graduate setting in his capacity as a certified instructor for the Pettibon Bio-Mechanics Institute. As a result, he has become a model and proponent to the evolving practices of chiropractic care and how to treat patients in the most effective ways possible.

Setting the Standard for Chiropractic Care

chiropractic berkeley caBeyond what most chiropractic practices offer, Hamilton Chiropractic Offices serves as as a holistic, chiropractic-based health care center in Berkeley. Dr. Mik Hamilton has served the needs of over ten thousand residents throughout the East Bay area with the latest innovations in chiropractic care.

From sprains and strains to muscle imbalances and functional disorders, Hamilton Chiropractic provides care for ailing individuals all ages and needs. Dr. Mik Hamilton has treated patients ranging from newborns to aged adults, as well as healthy individuals who are looking to optimize their health and human performance.

If you’d like to learn more about Berkeley chiropractic office, Hamilton Chiropractic, visit our contact page and Dr. Mik Hamilton were personally address your inquiry.

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